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Biopromotions is a young and innovative company specialized in the development and producing of custom made products with natural raw materials which are renewable or bio-based like polymers based on corn, potatoes and thermoplastic starch. Recycled plastics also belong to this group. The name Biopromotions is a conscious choice because we will promote everything which is bio.

Realised products

All these products are derived from 100% biodegradable and bio based materials. One of these materials is potato starch. For an overview of our products look here.

Recently, we have partnered with BanBao.

BanBao is a manufacturer of worldwide certified popular educational toys in the shape of modular building blocks.

Click here to see the products and collaboration.


We invent and produce our own products. We can also produce custom-made products to the wishes of our customer.


We are your purchasing operation for everything that has to do with durability.


We can be your partner if you have a concept which you can’t get developed. Also, we can help you find financers or partners for your idea.


We have a global procurement network for your premiums.